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About Us . Tris Isa


Tris .

Tristan Bayne (Isa) is post graduate of Cambridge University, England. He is a revert to Islam and his  Muslim name is Isa. He is a proficient, licensed, skilled, and current,  fixed wing aircraft pilot.

He is the father of  excellent children. His eldest sons are Cassidy and Oliver.  He is happily married. Tris is a Muslim,  however has a Christian background and sympathy. He is British American, his Mother is American and his father is British, having children with Vietnamese and Indonesian ethnicity he also has loyalty to,  Indonesia and Vietnam and Asia.  

He has experience as a  photojournalist, and professional photographer since  2000, having work published in various British / International publications. 

Tristan is a Qualified Teacher from Cambridge where he did his Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is currently focussed on the business, aviation and   is very keen on an equitable gold silver currency system that works for all.  

He manages the business and is currently working on an Instrument Rating on aeroplanes. 


Tristan is a keen aviator. If you would like to do an aviation project together please message. Tris is also in the USofA quite a bit.


Some words from Tristan .

Thank you for visiting, we hope you are getting a sense of who we are and what we are about. If you have any questions please ask, message us here, or if you would just like to socialize come and find us. All our personal details are here. Subhanaya Allah.  We are always wanting to provide five star service and looking for better and better reviews, if there is anything we can do to help, or you have any questions please ask. :)

Cassidy Bayne. Off by heart.

Cassidy Luu Bayne age 15. Cambridgeshire. UKGB. 

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Christmas Cambridgeshire. Good times.