Nikmati . Thưởng thức . สนุก . 請享用 . Sekeca . 楽しい . Enjoy . استمتع . наслаждаться .

About Us - Teuku Ardiansyah


Success magnet. Artist.

Teuku Ardiansyahbegan (TM),  began life  selling hand phones on the streets of Jakarta. 

Over time TM became independent.

TM  is a passionate  promoter of culture. He has successfully managed artists in Jakarta for the last decade. He generally operates behind the scenes but also is successful  musically  in his own right. 

TM is an avid promoter of liberalism, and democracy in Indonesia while supporting the complete freedom of religion in Indonesia and globally.

He is  the intellect behind the Indonesian element of watching out at all times for Indonesian interests. While loving the opportunity of a more  peaceful world.

As with all of, we operate an open door policy even though we are taking on serious global issues. 


Here is some of TM's latest work. We will be adding a more elaborate section when have had a moment. TM is currently working on the Indo.Today project and may help produce content for - all the time watching out for Indonesias interests.


Some words from TM

Enjoy the world.