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Some IFR test questions prep. FAA


IFR test questions and answers. +

In no particular order.

Entering a holding pattern. Links


1 pound lb = 0.453592 kg

1 KG = 2.204 lbs. 

High to low watch out below. 

Hot to cold watch out below. 

4190. Decode the exercpt from the Winds and Temperature Aloft Forecast (FB) for OKC at 39,000 feet. 

FT 3000 9000 12000 24000 39000

OKC 9900 2018+00 2130-06 2361-30 830558

(Encoded wind speeds of 100 to 199 knots have 50 added to the direction digits and 100 subtracted from the speed.  830558 decodes as: 83 - 50 = 33 = 330°; 05 +100 = 105 knots; -58°. Note: all temperatures for altitudes above 24,000 feet are always negative and shown without the minus sign. )

4032. What are the min. fuel requirements in IFR conditinons, if the 1st airport of intended landing is forecase to have a 1,500 foor ceiling and 3 miles vis. at a flight palnned ETA? Fule to fly to the first airport of intended landing,   fly to the alternate, and fly thereafter 45 minutes at normal crusing speed. 

(Fuel to alternate airport is not required if your destination airport is forecast to have from: 

1  hour before your ETA to one hour after, a 

2 thousand foot ceiling, and 

3 miles visibility. 

4475. Class G airspace is the airspace where ATC does not control air traffic.

If on a northerly heading and a turn is made towards the east or west the initial indication of the compass indicates a turn in the opposite direction. 

(The pilots community uses acronym UNOS (undershoot North overshoot South) to memorize this rule. Some other acronyms which pilots find easier to remember is NOSE (North Opposite, South Exceeds), OSUN (Overshoot South, Undershoot North), and South Leads, North Lags [opposite in the southern hemisphere] This guideline is based not on a standard-rate turn, but on a bank angle of 15°-18°, which would equal a standard rate turn at the airspeeds typical of light aircraft.)

Magnetic Compass Attributes & Errors

Airspace Memory Aid

All civil aircraft of U.S registry must provide passengers with supplemental oxygyen at cabin altitudes above 15,000 feet MSL. This rule applies for both IFR and VFR flight. FAR 92.211

4879 What would be the indication on the VSI during entry into a 500 FPM actual descent from level fligth if the static ports were iced over?  THE VSI POINTER WOULD REMAIN AT ZERO REGARDLESS OF THE ACTUAL RATE OF DESCENT.  

* 4973.   The altitude that provides acceptable navigations signal coverage for the route, and meets obstacle clearance requirements, is the minimum: en route altitude. 

4348. Refure to Fig. 71. Which VORTAC when en route V213 near HELON could provide HIWAS information?  Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS).  The inverse H in the upper right corner. HIWAS. 


* 4951 (Refer to Figure 78).

4962. During IFR operation using an approved GPS system for navigation, the aircraft must have an approved alternate navigation system appropriate for the route. 

* 4287: For planning purposes, what is the highest useable altitude for an IFR flight on V573 from the HOT VORTAX to the TXK VORTAC? 1600 feet MSL  (Low altitude airwarys extend for a flight between HOT VORTAC (actually a VOR/DME) and TXK VORTAX, which is a southwesterly direction and requires an even-thousands altitude, would be 16,000 feet MSL. )

* 4434 MOAs are established to: separate certain military activites from IFR traffic.  MOA Military Operations Area. 

* 4951. (Refer to  Figure 78.)  When eastbound on V86 between Whitehall and Livingston, the mimimum altitude that you should cross BXN is?  (flag with x symbol, means that there is a minimum altitude specified for crossing that fix. The MCA is the lowest altitude that you can cross a fix in the the direction of higher minimum altitude. ) 10200 see notes MCA. 

* 4499. Refer. to Fig. 87. Where is the VOR changeover point between Beaumont and Hobby? Halfway point. 

4497. Refer to Fig 87.  Which VHF freq. other than 121.5, can be used to receive De Ridder FSS in the Lake Charles area?  122.2, 122.3 (The bracketed "De Ridder" under the Lake Charles VORTAX communiations box indicates that De Ridder is the controlling FSS. Since the communications box is a thin line, the normal frequencies, including 122.3 (see Legend 33), are no necessarily available.  (If the communications box has a shadow box, then 122.2 is normally available.) The 122.3 above the communications box tells us that it is a remote frequency for De Ridder FSS at the Lake Charles VORTAC.  Answer A is incorrect because 122.1 is a receive only freuqnecy for a ground facility, and the FSS cannot transmit on it. 126.4 is not shown on this chart. Answer B. 

4280. (Refer to Figure 34)    At which altitude and location on V573 would you expect the navigational signal of the HOT VOR/SME to be unreliable?  (At APINE the MEA is 5,500 feet MSL and MOCA is 2,600 feet. You would not expect a reliable navigational signal from the HOT VOR/DME at 3,000 feet because you are lower than the MEA and, although above the MOCA, you are beyond the 22 NM MOCA signal guarantee. (Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude) 

*4436 Which condition is guarenteed for all of the following altitude limits: MAA, MCA, MRA, MOCA, and MEA ? (Non mountainous area).  1000 foot obstacle clearance.  ( A 1000 foot clearance of obstacles (non-mountainous terrain) within 4 nautical miles either side of the course to be flown is guarenteed for all of the following: MAA, MCA, MRA, MOCA, and MEA.  MOCA assures acceptable navigational signals only within 22NM of the VOR.  Flight at the MOCA and MEA does not assure adequate communications coverage. 

MCA Minimum Crossing Altitude.  MRA Minimum Reception Altitude. MORA Minimum Off route altitude.  MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude.  MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude. MVA Minimum Vectoring Altitude. MHA Minimum holding altitude. 

MSA Minimum Sector Altitude. 

Minimum Flight Altitudes. 

4998. The lowest published altitude which meets obstacle clearance requirements and assures acceptable navigational signal coverage is the MEA.

*4078 For IFR planning purposes, what are the compulsory reporting points when using VOR/DME or VORTAC fixes to define a direct route not on established airways?  Fixes selected to define the route. 

4434 MOAs are establised to, seperate certain military activities from IFR traffic. 

* 4077 Which types of airspace are depicted on the En Route Low Altitude Chart?  Limits of controlled airspace, military training routes and special use airspace. 

(When uncontrolled airspace exists up to 14,500 feet MSL, the area of uncontrolled airspace is shown on the En Route Low Altitude chars in a shaded brown (tan). You see the limits of the controlled airspace as the edge of the dhaded brown areas. In addition to the limits of controlled airspace, En Route Low Altitude charts also depict military training routes and special use airspace. 

Class A airspace is not depicted on the En Route Low Altitude Chart. The low altitude charts only cover airspace up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL.)

*4366  Refer to Fig 78. What is the maximum altitude that you may flight plan an IFR flight on V86 EASTBOUND beteen BOZEMAN and BILLINGS VORTACs?  14,500feet. 

(Victor airways extend up to 17,999 feet MSL. IFR fligths in an easterly direction would be at odd thousand-foot altitudes. The highest IFR altitude, therefore, for a flight on V86 from BOZEMAN to BILLINGS is 17,000 feet MSL.   Answer A is incorrect because 14,500 is a VFR altitude. Answer C is incorrect because 18,000 feet MSL (FL180) is thebeginning of the jet route structure.

5003. When information is disseminated about a taxiway closure, it will be located in NOTAM (D) distribution.



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