Nikmati . Thưởng thức . สนุก . 請享用 . Sekeca . 楽しい . Enjoy . استمتع . наслаждаться .

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We can be your person on the ground in Indonesia, Yogyakarta, and across Indonesia.  We also have bases and people in London, UKGB and California. 

We are a family run business. Operating successfully since 1999.

We can carry out quality control on shipments, meet at ports etc..  Whatsapp +447428297819 Tris

Visit us in wonderful Indonesia!

Karangasem, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Indonesia. 

2mins off Jalan Parangtritus 

Near the refreshing and beautiful beaches of the South of Java. Healthy living!  Plan your wonderful trip! Near the world renown BOROBUDUR AND PRAMBANAN AVAILABLE TO TOUR IN ONE DAY FROM THE COMFORT OF THE MODERN JOGLO. 


Healthy living. Enjoy! 

  • Beautiful managed gardens. 
  • Near the beach
  • Fresh water supply
  • Between the beach and Jogja a great half way point. 
  • Friendly people. 
  • Local eateries. 
  • White granite floors throughout. 
  • Lots of aged teak. 
  • High ceilings. 
  • Polite people.
  • Good times. 
  • Beautiful safe gardens. 
  • Bicycles to rent. You can cycle to the beach. Parangtritus.
  • Health tourism. 
  • Learn to surf.
  • Safe free space to store or leave your luggage.
  • Double ensuite rooms.
  • Be your healthiest self. 
  • 5 ***** star service.
  • Airport pick or Jogja up available. 
  • Second to none, apart form God of course. 
  • Click around our site for more info.  Indonesia Today.
  • One of the best. 

Contact details:

+44 7428 297819 British number also works.  Use this one for WhatsApp and Line. 

 Tristan.   Other number in 54 expired. Please use new one. +44 7428 297819 Whats app. 

+62 812 1594 7852  Indonesian number Isa/Tristan

+62 821 3768 1255 Ayya. WhatsApp or cell phone. 


The Hotel Indonesia. 

Come stay and mingle with us, or simply be waited on by us. :) As you wish. 

Click here for more info. . Contact us if you want a higher class of English.  Face to face coaching and online. We are in Jogja a lot and can offer tuition. Beyond the best International Schools.. Tristan is a post graduate of Cambride University. With a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is an experienced and successful teacher and coach.   This is currently the landing site for We can provide top quality primary and secondary teachers. Working with the best.  This is currently the landing site for

Jogja Homestay for sale. 

We always developing high quality businiesses we are open to selling for the fair price as well. Offers considered in the region of 8.5 billion IDR +- £333 000. $550 000  for our boutique hotel, with little farm. Nestled between the padi fields. In a wonderful local village.  Foreign investment advise available upon request.

This is a large building, between the wonderful University city of Yogyakarta and the beautiful Indian ocean and beaches, many wonderful coves once you get into the hills near us.  It took us and a team of around twenty local, highly skilled and experienced craftsmen a long time to build, using aged teak etc.. Deep foundations etc.. 

Reason for potential sale. We maybe happy to expand and develop more. Alternatively just come and visit us. :) Away from the crowds of the cities and apartment buildings. Enjoy the thought and planning! And enjoy your visit/s more!! :) 

Click here for more info. 

PaneBags. WPane. 

This is currently the landing site for and

We can offer around 60% discounts to large distrubutors of our leather bags.  For orders over $2000+   (The photograph is the first PaneBag)

  • Order one our handmade bags, from the finest leather, traditionally made in Yogyakarta Indonesia, to the highest standards. 
  • The highest quality large leather handbag, with shoulder strap.
  • Crocodile skin  available, upon request full export license with our partner. Humane. Helping breed crocodiles. 
  • Beautiful 1.5mm leathers, strong and durable in a beautiful natural orange brown leather, with top quality zips, buckles, tailoring.  
  • Prices upon request. 
  • 100% Halal and Kosher. 
  • We have been in business since 2000. 
  • Soft, feminine. Female bags. Male bags also available. 
  • We can also arrange export of Indonesian furniture.  Bali and beyond. 

Property development service Indonesia.

  • We can organize for homes to be built. We have successfully done this before. 
  • Locals working with locals for a better environment. 
  • Foreign investment welcome and advice available.  Message us if you would like a consultation. 
  • We know of some great parcels of land, for sale which can be developed on the hill just outside Jogja, Indonesia, art, university and cultural city, Indonesia's second biggest tourist destination after the Bali area by numbers, and we think the number one for quality. 
  • We can also source land such as farm, land or whatever your need. Our fees are very reasonable.
  • How can we help you?

Indonesia tours 

We can help you with tours. 

100% Halal and kosher.

We are the landing site for

Serviced apartment, houses and rooms. 


We have had over 200 guests 99.9% all happy to review us or give a reference, of all backgrounds, places etc.. Many now close family friends.  For names please ask or check my Facebook Page many past guests, customers and clients there.  With have build this business tirelessly over twenty plus years from an initial one off gift from Tristan's kind father of £3000. 

Coming soon. Be the first and we can link your business. 

Tristan has over 25 years in the hospitality business successfully starting his career working at around 15 at PennyHillPark Hotel and Country Club five star resort, in Surrey, England while at school. :)

Visit The boutique hotel, between the beach and Yogyakarta.

  • Great location only 25 minutes to the airport we can arrange airport pickups for 200 000 IDR. 
  • We are near the beach 15km
  • We are about one hour from Borubudur. 
  • We are just outside Jogja where tihngs are  bit quieter.
  • We are fluent in Indonesian and English and a little other language. 
  • Each room has a private full bathroom .
  • Grantie floors. 
  • Teak wood throughout. 
  • Front lawn.
  • Banana, coconut, lemon, mango tress etc.. 
  • Air conditioning upon request. 
  • Own water source. 
  • Friendly, fun.... Relaxing!! Healthy!!
  • We offer commission on referrals. 
  • Family run, family fun! 
  • Click here for more info. 

Contact Us.

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Focussed for the greater good.

We would love to hear from you. listrik . Merci. Gracias......Danke..

Desa Karangasem Patalan Jetis Bantul Yogyakarta DI Yogyakarta 55781 Indonesia

+447428297819 Aman.


Feel excellent, be excellent.

Our priorities are straight. 

  • Worshipping God. 
  • Being healthy. 
  • Reducing Riba / usury. Being good people, parents and friends. Looking after our family and friends. 
  • Looking after and improving the Hotel Indonesia. 
  • Looking after and serving our paying guests in London UK. 
  • Improving our property in London UK. 
  • Providing the most beautiful photography. 
  • Manufacturing and selling the highest quality leather products
  • Completing an instrument rating on fixed wing airplanes.
  • Remaining a current and proficient fixed wing pilot. 
  • Running a float plane business in SEA. 
  • Running a successful, healthy conscious halal model agency. 

Our background is in acting and film and photography. Tristan has BA(Hons) in Flim Photography and Television. Ayya is an experienced Indonesian actress. 

Have an excellent time. 


Some things we are..

We are conscientious, stable, lively, cheerful, present, vital, happy, 

balanced and composed. We enjoy the state of felicity. From this position we provide news on our forum above we think is relevant. We always nurture good relationships. 

 (Photo. Want legally sourced crocodile skins contact us, these are some of the skins we have access to full export license with out partners).


Only one God.


Same world, new equitable way.


Further information on a debt free, asset rich society. A happier life without a mortgage and paying the money lenders, riba, usury. A world for the many, not just the Rothchilds (money lenders) :) #MTR

What is Riba/Usury? 

Lending money with interest. 

The interest paid is the Riba / Usury. 

Riba and usury (obviously lending the money with interest, being the worse as not work is involved).

Is usury, riba forbidden?


It is clear in the Bible, the Quran and The Torah. 

What if I am not religious?

The consolidation of wealth in this way, taking from the many to 'empower' the very few is logically wrong.

There is nothing wrong with wealth, it is encourage it but not usury

Are we against royalty and the rich?

Absolutely not, again we encourage all of this. Usury is wrong, it was even outlawed in the MagnaCarta until it was 'circumvented''

Are we religious fanatics?

No but we are fantastically pro everyone being able to feed themselves and stopping wars etc.. 

Any further questions please email us or contact us through the numerous ways provided on this site. 

On a lighter note, let's go surfing, fishing, farming or sailing come stay. We are very liberal and love all sorts. But we take the world's problems seriously. 

Have a wonderful, enjoyable and beautiful day. 

From all of us at etc..

The truth sets us free. 

We are fortunate and blessed.  However we do think the world could be better.  We believe there is probably  a lot of suffering going on due to people getting 'persuaded' to borrow money and then the 'bank' seizes or tries to seize  their cows etc.. if they don't pay the interest, or puts them on the street if they can't pay their mortgage. We believe these issues are more related to Riba than religion etc.  We personally are OK but we believe if we are blessed it it surely our duty to give back. 

According to an issue of the Guiness Book of Records we have seen post the year 2000. the Rothschild Family are worth in the range of $500 trillion. There are now websites out saying this is fake news. The Guiness book of records is normally accurate right. Meanwhile the family blames the worlds hunger and problems etc.. on 'climate change' etc.. (we encourage caring for and love the environment, by the way)   We are curious how the Rothschild family are giving back they seem rather quiet at the moment. ??

We see the main person who is wrong here logically is the one who is doing the lending, and gaining from zero work, and not the one who borrows.

Riba (Islam), Ribba (Judaism) and Usury (Christianity) is considered wrong in all of the scripture linked to these religions. 

Click here for some more info.

 A Happier society without usury / Riba. 

The Rothschild will not divide us,  stay united for humanities, earth and Gods sake. 

If you would like to edit this article please emails us with your suggestion.  

In short the solution is an equitable gold and silver currency where the USofA for example can still heat their houses and fuel the cars in the winter and summer, not as Muammar al-Qaddafi's plan. 

Have an excellent time. :) Enjoy!

Research Imran N. Hosein.  Click here. 

Our business philosophy on a macro and micro level be it our government or businesses is anti usury in case you had not guessed. :) . 

Enjoy your day, do what you can. Keep smiling. But remember to have FUN!!!!!! Stay hydrated. Remember what good there is in the world. Be happy! Visit us!


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